Looking Glass Foundation - About Us

We are passionate and dedicated individuals who came together to create a community of support – because we too have been touched by the effects of eating disorders and know that together, we can get to the other side of eating disorders.


  • Malcolm Leitch | Chair
  • Deborah Grimm | Past Chair
  • Andrew Young | Treasurer
  • Kari Boyle | Secretary
  • Jill Davies | Director
  • Dolores Elliott | Director
  • Joanne Gordon | Director
  • David Hollands | Director
  • Cliff McCracken | Director
  • Debbie Slattery | Director
  • Andy Stashuk | Director
  • Linda Bonenfant | Director
  • Michelle Clausius | Director
  • Scott Hardy | Director


  • Linda Lauritzen, BSN
  • Claude Rinfret, CA
  • Dr Blake Woodside, FRCPC, MD, MSc
The Board of The Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders is so pleased to welcome our new board members Andy Stashuk, Linda Bonenfant, Michelle Clausius, and Scott Hardy. The Foundation is indeed very fortunate to have such a dedicated team. One such dedicated team member we would like to thank for her many years of support is Pamela Martin. The Looking Glass Foundation is indebted to her for all she has done.

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