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By Olivia Paoluzzi-Brown


Hello Liv,


This is your body writing to you.

I’m not happy with you, but I understand you and accept how you treat me. 

I put up with it because I know everything you’ve gone through. I feel physically what you feel mentally. You hurt me a lot and I’m not sure why. I’m a part of you and when you hurt me you only hurt yourself. 

I do a lot for us you know. I think you pay more attention to things I don’t. It seems unfair to put these expectations on me.

You think a lot about yourself. I’ve been through hell with you. Taking your unexpected abuse, to my shell and my center. You completely disregard what I do for you.

My legs have moved you to mountain tops. My hands have kept you fed, kept you creative, kept you able. I keep your heart strong everyday, I keep it beating, and everyday that’s what I take from you. 

How can we make this better for the both of us? You can’t escape your own shadow. I’m stuck with you forever.

Before you tear me down try and remember I just want what’s best for you. I want you alive and well. I’m going to take care of you even when you stop taking care of me. 

I’m always going to try and keep giving you strength to get up and experience every new day that comes. You deserve that just as much as the rest of us.

I need you to love me so you can love yourself. If you can’t love me right away, like me first. I’m sure you can find one thing to like. 

Someday you’ll see how valuable I am to you, as you are to me. And I’ll be waiting for you, like always with open arms. I love you Liv, I’m always here for you, never forget, it’s you and me forever against it all.