Sympli: Creating The Space For Women To Feel Comfortable In Their Bodies 

Over the past several years, Sympli has enabled Looking Glass to support hundreds of people dealing with this serious mental illness. Together, we can continue the dialogue around positive body image. Together, we can encourage every person to value themselves just as they are. Together, we can embrace those impacted by eating disorders and support individuals on their paths to recovery. 

TELUS & LGF: Give Where You Live

The numbers of Canadians, youth and adults, with eating disorders are on the rise. With at least 1.5 million affected, the importance of fostering a community who cares couldn’t be more crucial.

The LGF community is built on individuals whose lives have been touched by the tragedy of this disease. Whether it was their own personal struggle, or the struggle of someone close to them; they know the pain and suffering first-hand.

Sympli: Redefining How The Fashion Industry Can Make Women Feel Good About Themselves

It’s been said that there’s great strength and power in community. At the Looking Glass Foundation, we definitely believe in that. It’s with our bighearted community of people and organizations, that we truly can make a difference in the lives of others, in the lives of those fighting this dreadful disease. It is with our community, that we can put an end to eating disorders.

One of these organizations is Sympli, a Canadian fashion manufacturer dedicated to helping women feel "wildly comfortable in their own skin".