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Emeritus and Honorary Patron

Janet Austin

Honorary Patron

Under the Distinguished Patronage of The Honourable Janet Austin, OBC Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia

Our Emeritus

The Looking Glass Emeritus is a group of former board or community members who have an honourable connection to the Looking Glass Foundation because of their history, their passion and their unrivalled support.

Linda Bonenfant

Retired Tax Director | PricewaterhouseCoopers

Looking Glass Values

Courage is what guides those with mental health challenges, and enables the recovery journey. For our organization, accountability and transparency are very important.

Kari Boyle

Coordinator | BC Family Justice Innovation Lab

Looking Glass Values

Compassion and hope resonate for me. Someone close to me is healthy and strong after a long struggle. She is truly an inspiration.

Marilyn Clayton

High School Teacher, Retired

Looking Glass Values

Collaboration resonates with me the most. There are so many different people coming together from all paths of life, who all make this wonderful Foundation happen and function so well.

Dolores Elliott

Co-Founder | The Looking Glass Foundation

Looking Glass Values

As a Looking Glass founder, hope and compassion are of utmost importance to me. My family and I understand the personal, emotional and financial impacts of this devastating mental illness and it is through our personal experience that we can say ‘Recovery is Possible’.

Jill Davies

Owner & Manager | Sylvia Hotel

Looking Glass Values

Always walk this journey with compassion and integrity.

Joanne Gordon


Looking Glass Values

I love all our values. One that jumps out to me is accessibility. We must do our best to ensure our programs are accessible, and this is in itself an ongoing journey.

Deborah Grimm

Co-Founder | The Looking Glass Foundation

Looking Glass Values

The values that resonate with me are: Courage because it’s what we need to be the “hands and feet of change” for ourselves and each other. Collaboration because that’s how we get things done! Compassion for each other, for the process, for our own blind spots and learning. Lastly, integrity in all things.

David Hollands

Founder | Private Company

Looking Glass Values

Hope is a lifeline. Hope is love and possibility, and inspires us for the future.

Malcolm Leitch

Managing Partner, Retired

Looking Glass Values

Compassion and collaboration resonate for me. Compassion is essential in providing support, and is something we can always draw upon even when in the depths of despair. Collaboration is critical — the more we collaborate, the closer we get to achieving our vision.

Verna Magee Shepherd

Health Care and Post-Secondary Administrator, Retired

Looking Glass Values

Hope is a particularly powerful element — it was one of the key foundations upon which this organization was established and has been integral to its evolution. Hope is a mindset for positive action and success. It is a conveyance of trust. Hope envisions a better future.

Debbie Slattery

Partner | Norwood Sales Ltd.

Looking Glass Values

Courage is the value that resonates the most with me. It takes extraordinary courage to admit, take action, and be resolved to engage in recovery from an eating disorder.

Andy Stashuk

Vice President & Portfolio Manager | RBC Dominion Securities

Looking Glass Values

My favourite values are courage and hope. It takes courage to reach out, and it also takes courage to provide support. Hope enables healing.

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