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Looking Glass Foundation Staff Team

Susan Climie (she/her)

Executive Director

Susan deeply understands the need for community-based programming for individuals struggling with eating disorders. Everyone deserves to be able to access support. All of us in Looking Glass community share the knowledge that Recovery is Possible, and we walk the journey together.

Susan is very grateful to be working with the Looking Glass staff and volunteers – a dedicated group of people committed to providing compassionate support to all who reach out. She’s excited to watch the impact and growth of the foundation’s newest program, Looking Glass Counselling | Bridge the Gap™.

Susan loves spending time indoors and outdoors with her family and their beloved golden retriever. A cup of tea and a good book are high on her list as well!

Sarah Clark (she/her)

Director, Development & Communications

As someone who believes in collaborative partnerships built with empathy, courage and dedication to the cause, Sarah is honoured to be a part of the Looking Glass community.

Sarah is passionate about bringing people together through memorable events and experiences. With a background in development, volunteerism, and marketing, she will treat each day at Looking Glass as a new opportunity to raise funds and awareness for eating disorder support across the province.

Sarah loves to travel and explore and enjoys being active outdoors. She is also not one to turn down an evening spent with good friends over a delicious glass of wine.

Kaela Scott (she/her)

ED Therapist

Looking Glass has been a place close to Kaela’s heart for many years, because of the organization’s commitment to providing low barrier support to individuals struggling with eating disorders regardless of where they are in their recovery journey. She believes in meeting people where they are at, a value Looking Glass exemplifies in all they do.

Kaela finds her work as a Clinical Counsellor incredibly rewarding – it gives her the gift of working closely with people and getting to know who they are and the experiences that have shaped them. She is passionate about eating disorder recovery and giving people a place to feel safe exploring who they are and who they want to be.

When at the Foundation or in her private practice, you will usually find Kaela drinking copious amounts of tea and hanging out with her toddler. She and her family love being outdoors and exploring the many gifts nature provides.

Roz Jones (she/her)

Programs Manager

Roz believes strongly in the importance of community care and accessible services. She is inspired by the incredible strength of Looking Glass’ program participants and the relentless generosity of its volunteers and supporters.

With a background in the media industry and non-profit sector, Roz brings a deep understanding of program management and the potential of digital to enhance the charity sector’s ability to deliver invaluable programs and services. She is a trauma-informed yoga instructor and is passionate about mental health, inclusivity, and community wellness.

When not at her desk, you can usually find Roz hiking, biking, skiing, practicing yoga and generally enjoying all the beauty that B.C. has to offer!

Maja Kostanski (she/her)

Marketing Communications Specialist

Maja is inspired by the strength, hope and kindness that she sees every day in the eating disorder community. She believes in the power of peer support and accessible programming, and understands the difference that compassionate, understanding, and non-judgmental care can make during recovery.

Maja has experience in non-profit marketing and communications, as well as an academic background in nutrition, science, and health. She loves collaborating with the Looking Glass team on projects and is passionate about using design to raise awareness and decrease the stigma around eating disorders.

When she’s not working, Maja enjoys reading biographies and memoirs, nature-inspired painting and getting outside with her energetic border collie.

Jane Liu (she/her)

Volunteer & Stewardship Lead

Jane has always been passionate about community building and mental health through her work in events and charity. Starting as a volunteer in the Peer Support Program, Jane is thrilled to be a part of the Looking Glass team. She enjoys connecting with amazing volunteers and supporting the eating disorder recovery of program participants. She brings care to her work and loves bringing compassionate people into the Looking Glass community.

Continuously working on self-improvement, Jane never stops learning more about eating disorders, empathetic understanding, and recovery. She hopes to increase her knowledge and practice to provide better support to others.

Outside of work, Jane loves exploring different neighborhoods in the city. You can also find her at various jazz venues enjoying live music.

Jennifer Daigneault (she/her)

PRS Program Lead

Jennifer is part of a large proud Metis family, with a strong connection to the community. She believes our journey in life comes to many crossroads, whether we go it alone or walk it together. She believes Looking Glass Foundation is a safe place to support healing and transitions towards a healthy lifelong journey.

Jennifer has spent over 20 years creating a safe place for people to tell their story and build success through her career in education and community advocacy. Jennifer’s strong values and strengths-based approach help her create a sense of belonging for all. She always strives to ensure the people she works with feel seen and heard.

Outside of work, Jennifer loves spending time with her dog and getting together with friends and family over a good meal or catching a hockey game.

Gurleen Kaur (she/her)

Programs Coordinator

Gurleen is deeply passionate about mental health and helping create safe spaces for individuals struggling with mental health disorders. She is honored to be a part of the Looking Glass community, first as an OPS volunteer and now, as staff. She is in awe of the resilience shown by program participants, and hopes to meet them where they are in their journey, and support them in meeting their recovery goals.

As a professional, Gurleen’s goal is to expand the scope of community mental health resources to diverse communities and help overcome any barriers to accessibility. She has recently graduated from UBC with a BA in Psychology and hopes to use her education as well as her own lived experiences to empower others in navigating difficult personal situations.

Outside of work, Gurleen volunteers at the BC Crisis Centre as a Crisis Services Responder. She is also an avid nap taker and loves to find new recipes for cooking!

Alex Charleton (she/her)

Hand in Hand Coordinator

Alex is a strong believer that we heal in community, and that our strongest potential for transformative change occurs in safe connected relationships. She is excited to be a part of the Looking Glass Foundation's work and mission in providing compassionate, low-barrier, community-based support for any persons seeking help in healing from disordered eating and eating disorders. Alex believes everyone deserves support, no matter where they are at in their journey. As a clinical counsellor, Alex feels it is such a privilege to walk alongside others as they find their way back home to themselves. Alex is passionate about providing care and guidance for eating disorder recovery because she knows how challenging and liberating it can be to restore and mend one's relationship to food, body, and soul.

In Alex's free time, you can find her cooking up a storm in the kitchen, chasing sunsets, and getting curious about life with friends and loved ones.

Anna D’Avignon (she/her)


Anna feels fortunate to work with the dedicated staff and volunteers at Looking Glass Foundation. Their passion and dedication to helping others is inspiring to her and she is honored to be part of such an amazing group that makes a difference in the lives of so many.

In her spare time, Anna can be found gardening, reading, walking, and spending time with her family and friends.

Marla Steinberg (she/her)

External Evaluator

Marla Steinberg, PhD, is a Canadian Evaluation Society credentialed evaluator and an adjunct professor with the UBC School of Population and Public Health. She is pleased to be working with Looking Glass Foundation on evaluations of the pilot Bridge the Gap program, and two of the foundation’s peer support programs. You can reach Marla at:

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