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With Help There is Hope

Our programs and services exist to decrease isolation, instill hope, and sustain recovery for individuals across British Columbia who are impacted by eating disorders or disordered eating.

We strive to support individuals wherever they are in their unique recovery journey.
Looking Glass Programs

Here’s How We Make a Difference

Peer Support

Peer Support

We offer three safe, inclusive, non-judgmental peer support programs to help individuals feel supported and empowered on their healing journey. These programs are available to Canadian residents of all genders and are offered at no cost. No formal eating disorder diagnosis or referral is required.
Online Peer Support

Online Peer
Support Chats

An online recovery community providing regular, safe, moderated group chats for individuals aged 14 and older.
Personal Recovery Space

Recovery Space

A private digital forum offering 24/7 personalized support for those aged 14 and older. A journal that writes back.

Hand In Hand

A peer mentorship program that provides individuals aged 16 and older with regular in-person or virtual support.
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Affordable Counselling

Everyone should have access to the help they need and deserve. Looking Glass Counselling | Bridge the Gap™ provides one-to-one support to individuals who are affected by disordered eating and eating disorders. Counselling is delivered by practicum students from accredited B.C. universities. The program is open to B.C. residents aged 19 and older.


Our Reflections Scholarship program recognizes the resilience and achievements of B.C. undergraduate students who have experienced or are experiencing an eating disorder. Each year, scholarships are awarded to exceptional students who embody what it means to persevere, to rise above adversity, and to pursue their passion in life.

Recovery is possible—we see it every day. Many of our volunteers and staff have been impacted by an eating disorder, either directly or in supporting a loved one.

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