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Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand

A Compassionate Listener

Hand in Hand is a peer support program that matches individuals with a trained volunteer who provides compassionate, judgment-free support and listening during eating disorder recovery.

While not intended as therapy, Hand in Hand supports individuals wherever they are in their unique recovery journey and, through the consistent and personalized support of a mentor, helps them to discover what they can achieve, as they are ready. Hand in Hand may be right for you if you are:

Reaching out for help for the first time
On waitlists for treatment
Receiving treatment but need additional support
Well into recovery but need help with relapse management
Seeking a compassionate listener to help sustain recovery
Many Hand in Hand volunteers have personal experience with an eating disorder or disordered eating, so they know that recovery is possible and understand that an individual's struggle can have many dimensions. Our focus is on the whole individual, not just the eating disorder.

"Hand in Hand has been the missing piece of my recovery journey. Before it, I felt totally alone with the secret of my eating disorder."

Program Participant

Who Can Participate

The program is available at no cost to Canadian residents aged 16 and older.

How It Works

After an initial meeting to get to know one another, the pair will meet for regular (usually weekly) 60–90-minute conversations in-person or over video call, with no limit to the duration of support. The Hand in Hand program takes place on our secure Program Hub which enables matches to send messages, share calendars, and join video calls. Program oversight and mentor training is provided by the eating disorder therapist on-staff at Looking Glass Foundation.

How to Sign Up

If you are interested in being matched with a trained volunteer mentor, please sign up via our Program Hub and create a profile (fields with * are required for us to be able to match you in Hand in Hand).

Please note: individuals must be medically and psychiatrically stable in order to participate in Hand in Hand.

Minors: Any applicants aged 18 or younger must complete this guardian consent form. We won’t be able to match you until your guardian has signed this form and sent it back to us at:

Please note there is currently a waitlist to join Hand in Hand. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the matching process, we are unable to provide an accurate timeline for support. You are welcome to join one of our other peer support programs in the meantime.

Here's a helpful guide on signing up for the Hand in Hand program and what to expect once you are matched:
Guide to Hand in Hand Program

If you have any questions or would like more information, please get in touch:

"Hand in Hand support is a kind of lifeline—someone who can meet me exactly where I am in my recovery, who believes in me, and who really listens. It keeps me from feeling like I'm falling through the cracks. It makes me feel like a person again, and that I matter."

Program Participant
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