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Our Story

When I came to Looking Glass I was so scared and overwhelmed: I knew I had a problem but no idea how it could ever get better. Being met with such incredible positivity, even when I was so down on myself, has made such an incredible difference in my life.
Program participant
Our Story
In 2002, three families struggled to support their children who were suffering from eating disorders. The families were emotionally drained, financially stretched and feared the worst. Having exhausted the limited resources in Canada, their only hope was to send each child out of the country to receive the treatment they so desperately needed and deserved.

The young people are now thriving, recovered adults thanks to the care they received. Through extensive research, steadfast advocacy, motivated fundraising, and a refusal to take ‘no’ for an answer, these families founded Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders.

Their vision was to create a supportive community for those who struggle with eating disorders, foster a deeper understanding of the illness, improve access to care, and respond to the desperate need for programs and services.

Alongside these families, we are driven by the belief that no one should have to struggle alone against this disease.

Our First 20 Years!

Looking Glass Foundation’s 20th Anniversary


Looking Glass Counselling | Bridge the Gap™ program launches


B.C government. makes unprecedented budgetary decision to dedicate funds to support eating disorder care


As COVID surges, demand for treatment soars and participation in our Peer Support programs doubles


Looking Glass Emeritus is formed


Personal Recovery Space program is established


Hand in Hand in-person mentoring program commences


Looking Glass Residence moves to Vancouver and PHSA leads clinical operations


Woodstone Residence opens on Galiano Island becoming the first 24/7 treatment centre for youth in Canada


Online Peer Support chats begin running


Reflections Scholarship program created


First Summer Camp welcomed youth and families (ceased operating in 2017)


Looking Glass Foundation for Eating Disorders incorporated as a registered charity


Founding families begin their journey, working towards establishing unprecedented eating disorder care in B.C.

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