"Coming Out" By Stacey Huget

We are everywhere. The ones who had an eating disorder. Who clawed a way through and out of our respective nightmares. And who, more often than not, keep totally mum about it.

It was nearly 15 years after pulling myself free from a 20 year stranglehold with this disease before I could say the words, admit it, put it out there: I had an eating disorder.

Managing our Emotions: An ED Therapist's Perspective

What do I mean when I say “managing our emotions”, and what is the link between our emotions and the onset and maintenance of eating disorders? These days it is almost universally understood that our ability to manage or regulate our emotions contributes very positively to our mental health. Individuals who are less able to manage their emotions (particularly difficult emotions related to feelings of shame, anger, and fear) often find themselves at increased risk for a number of mental health disorders, ranging from anxiety and depression to eating disorders...

"The House that Love Built" By Stacey Huget

The legacy began in 2001. Community-based programs for eating disorder recovery were overburdened, hospital admissions meant long wait lists, and families seeking residential care were forced to find it outside of Canada at tremendous expense and personal sacrifice. Several families, who all shared a similarly desperate struggle to find appropriate treatment programs for their daughters, came together in frustration. Looking Glass Residence co-founder Deborah Grimm remembers it well...