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January 13, 2023

Looking Glass Foundation proudly welcomes two new fundamental members of leadership to the team – Lisa Brooks, Executive Director, and Sharon Pratt, Director of Programs and Operations 

Lisa comes to us with an abundantly influential career in leading non-profit organizations. She is passionate about transformation, having the privilege of witnessing first-hand the power of working together to break down barriers and provide individuals with the support they need to thrive. With lived experience as a parent of a young person in recovery from an eating disorder, the community impact of Looking Glass is exceptionally dear to Lisa’s heart. To learn more about Lisa’s personal journey, you can read her full blog post here

Training and working in South Africa, Sharon has brought her passion for program development to support individuals battling mental health issues with her across the globe.  With a rich background in therapy, project management, and work in both the government and NGO sector, we are so excited for the wealth of experience Sharon brings with her to Looking Glass Foundation. 

We are so lucky to have two wonderful new additions fit so seamlessly into the team, and look forward to an exciting future ahead for the foundation! 

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