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Recovery Stories & Reflections

Welcome to the blog space of the Looking Glass community, where we post our own and others’ reflections and perspectives on eating disorder issues, journeys of recovery, and other helpful tips and tools.

The Gift of Validation: Alexis’ Story

November 22, 2023
"Knowing that Looking Glass sees me, hears me, and has my back – there is no monetary value that can be placed on that feeling."

Volunteer Spotlight: Roxanne F.

June 30, 2023
"Looking Glass Foundation immediately struck me as a place I wanted to be a part of. The amount of different sources of support provided is incredible, and I truly wish I had had such a wonderful resource during my own recovery journey."

Finding Trust in Doubt

May 8, 2023
"Finding the capacity to trust yourself in something that you may have felt little control over in the past is all about working on your ability to understand your emotions and coping mechanisms and accepting the unpredictability that comes with embracing change, and the doubts that often accompany it."

Lost to Found and Back Again

February 9, 2023
"Learning to become my own biggest fan is what has led to the to most change in my life."

What Brought Me to Looking Glass

January 13, 2023
At a time when the rate of people being affected by eating disorders continues to rise, I hope to use my personal and professional experience to work with the team to increase awareness about our programs, to continue to deliver exceptional programs and to help more individuals and their families. 

Five Simple & Meaningful Self-Care Tips for the Holidays

December 20, 2022
To promote the importance of self-care, here are five simple things you can do to catch a break during the hectic holidays.

The Power of Peer Support: Alyssa’s Story

November 28, 2022
"The programs at Looking Glass help break through that sense of isolation and provide services that remind participants that we are not broken, we are not damaged, and that we are not alone."

The Worth We Find in Ourselves

November 8, 2022
"I believe that the development of understanding your worth, is one of the biggest areas of growth in eating disorder recovery because it is getting to a place where the decisions you are making are to better yourself, not restrict yourself."

The World through an Existential Perspective

September 12, 2022
"I think [the concept of] Existentialism is liberating because it shows us how to connect through finding ways to ease our own fears, which in turn does this to those around us."


July 28, 2022
"It hit me hardest during treatment that the relationship with myself is the longest, most intimate one I’ll ever have. I am my longest best friend, and I deserve to talk to myself that way."
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