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Recovery Stories & Reflections

Welcome to the blog space of the Looking Glass community, where we post our own and others’ reflections and perspectives on eating disorder issues, journeys of recovery, and other helpful tips and tools.

Ways to Slow Down and Decompress after a Fast Paced or Stressful Day: Physical Practices 

June 26, 2020
"Engaging our senses (site, smell, hearing, touch, taste) has always been an affective way to bring our focus into the present moment and kick on the parasympathetic nervous system."

Ways to Slow Down and Decompress after a Fast Paced or Stressful Day: Mindfulness Techniques 

June 19, 2020
"In my experience it is SUCH a strength and resilience factor to become aware of ways that we can effectively regulate and sooth our minds and bodies. One thing that is for sure, life is unpredictable. By building an inventory of skills and supports that help keep us balanced and wind down at the end of the day will support us to better manage stress and stay strong day to day!"

Advice by Kaela Vlog: Navigating COVID-19 Anxiety as Restrictions Lift & General ED Questions

June 12, 2020
In this Advice by Kaela vlog, Kaela answers questions submitted from our community about navigating the COVID-19 transition period as restrictions are lifted as well as general eating disorder recovery questions.

Advice by Kaela: How To Take Care Of Yourself As Covid-19 Restrictions Lift

May 21, 2020
It is funny how for the past two months we have all been desperate to have life feel normal again and then at the first mention of it many people are feeling like all they want to do is retreat into the familiar experience of isolation. It is like we want connection desperately and yet this new world we are going to enter into feels really unpredictable and scary.

Advice by Kaela: Setting Boundaries With Your ED

April 27, 2020
Be assertive with your eating disorder and don’t ever hesitate to tell it off. Your job here isn’t to be kind and nice to something that is sucking you of life, joy and connection. Your job is to give your hopes a chance to become a reality by prioritizing one healthy thing at a time.

Advice by Kaela Vlog (First Ever!): Navigating ED + COVID-19 Anxiety

April 21, 2020
In our first ever vlog, Kaela answers questions submitted from our community about navigating eating disorders while simultaneously navigating the uncertain times we are living in due to COVID-19.

Finding Gratitude in Uncertain Times

April 5, 2020
"All that we are facing is difficult, there is no doubt about that. But it is also true that whatever else is going on in the world, there is also the most beautiful kindness and a sense of collective camaraderie. We’re one tribe once more. One heart. One team brought together to support one another through this process. Our collective efforts making a difference towards one common goal. There is something quite beautiful about that and I hope we remember the feeling when this has all passed."

Looking Glass Update on COVID-19: Our Programs Are Open 

March 31, 2020
The Looking Glass Foundation programs are still open. If you, or someone you know, are suffering during these challenging times, please reach out to us. We are here to help.

Advice by Kaela: How To Care for Yourself in a Time of Unease

March 18, 2020
My hope is that through the Looking Glass Foundation’s many resources, and through our community at large you will realize you are not alone as we all go through this global pandemic that is triggering at large, and also presents some unique experiences to individuals experiencing an eating disorder.

How to Practice Self-Care During a Time of Uncertainty

March 18, 2020
"Try to lessen any judgement toward yourself and bring self-compassion into your personal dialogue. It’s important to be aware of the nature of the situation at our hands; however, I encourage you to protect your heart and mind during this anxiety provoking time, if you find yourself overwhelmed in fear. Take care of you!"
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