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Recovery Stories & Reflections

Welcome to the blog space of the Looking Glass community, where we post our own and others’ reflections and perspectives on eating disorder issues, journeys of recovery, and other helpful tips and tools.

Healing The Moments In Between

February 25, 2020
Motherhood. Career. Travel. Love. Adventure. It just looks different now, a different body, one that is stronger and more capable than I gave it credit for. One that created a beautiful little girl and continues to have the resilience and courage to show up to (almost) every moment with her. And for those moments that I don’t show up as intended, I have so much more compassion, love and forgiveness for myself than I knew was possible.

A Story of Reinvention at Midlife. How I Found My Journey to Self-love

February 14, 2020
How I healed my relationship with food and body image and realized a lifelong dream of launching a successful modeling career in my late 50s.

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2020: Hope

February 5, 2020
"Which is why when we are fighting to create change, it is so important to be kind to ourselves, to look at the next step before us if the whole picture is too overwhelming to face, to acknowledge the heaviness of this work, and to always come back to hope and the things that nourish it for us. Because change is possible, and recovery is possible. Because human beings are resilient, tenacious, and capable. Because there is always hope, whether it is a thing with feathers, a single step forward, or a buried seed deep within the soil."

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2020: Reconfiguring Recovery

February 2, 2020
"We are starting to see that mental illness, in and of itself, is far less damaging and problematic than the stigma, discrimination, and social exclusion that commonly surround it. We are learning that there is no shame in living with mental illness, that it need not be treated as an intractable hindrance or as something that has to finally be “cured,” that there are many methods for coping, and that it is possible to live with it and still have a good life."

Advice by Kaela: Navigating Setbacks - Giving Yourself Permission To Be Human

February 2, 2020
Q: I am feeling so defeated. After months of making progress I had a really big set back and it feels like I am right back at the beginning. All of this is making me question whether recovery is really possible for me.

Feel It All.

January 14, 2020
"As I have worked through recovery, the key to using my feelings as a tool has been to respond to them with curiosity instead of shame. When a situation prompts a strong emotional reaction, the first thing I do is acknowledge that I am having an emotional experience and that this is okay."

Tips For Setting Goals In A Positive & Meaningful Way

January 2, 2020
As we start the New Year, please be kind and compassionate to yourself and share the same message with your friends. Remember, you are already more than enough. Your goals, intentions and subsequent choices are just an extension of the amazing person you already are.

Advice by Kaela: A Message Before The New Year

December 21, 2019
"As the year and decade come to an end we hope you take this time to realize the strength inside you for making it this far. The journey to recovery is a bumpy one, and even if you are at the beginning it takes a lot of courage to want to face yourself so you can lead a happier, freer life."

Recovery and The Holiday Season

December 19, 2019
"YOU get to decide who you are and what is important to you, and I encourage you to look for ways to build traditions that feel significant for you. Maybe you need to go to the social gatherings or holiday parties that are challenging because they are important to your loved ones, but maybe you can also celebrate this time of year in a way that brings you joy and honours what you truly need."

Navigating The Holidays

December 12, 2019
"Navigating triggers such as diet talk, social events or social isolation, and having to engage with different situations around food, can bring up a lot of difficult feelings. However, the holiday season can also bring with it the opportunity to challenge ourselves, create new memories, and engage with new experiences. Doing so is certainly not always easy, but there are ways in which we can protect our recovery when we find ourselves caught up in moments that put us to the test."
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