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September 19, 2022

Congratulations 2022 Reflections Scholarship Recipients!

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September 19, 2022

The Looking Glass Foundation Scholarship program awards several thousand dollars annually to individuals who have received or are currently receiving treatment for an eating disorder, and who are ready for academic pursuit.

This year, the Looking Glass Foundation Scholarship Committee received many compelling scholarship applications, all bearing stories of incredible strength, courage, and resiliency along the path to eating disorder recovery and higher education. Thank you to all of our 2022 applicants for speaking so boldly of yourselves and all that you’ve achieved – we hope to hear from you again! For those interested in applying for our 2023 Scholarships, the next application period will open in March 2023.

Please join us in congratulating our seven 2022 Scholarship Recipients and read more about their reflections on their academic goals and what it means to receive this award below.

Reflections Scholarship Recipients

"Receiving a Looking Glass Foundation Scholarship is such an honour. Recovering from my eating disorder has undoubtedly been the hardest challenge of my life. This challenge has made me into who I am today, of whom I am proud to be. I credit a significant portion of my success in recovery to the support I received through the Foundation’s programs, and receiving this scholarship from an organization that helped change my life is so very meaningful. To me, this scholarship is recognition of the difficulties I have had to face and how I have persevered through them. It is also an acknowledgement of my goals for the future, and my hopes to give back to the medical community. I am so thankful that I am able to attend post-secondary without the constraints of my ED. This scholarship will not only help me to succeed through its financial support, but by also being a reminder of my strength as I move into this next chapter of my life.

Through their programs and their continued drive to raise awareness, the Looking Glass Foundation helped to show me that there was hope for eating disorder recovery. With this scholarship, I hope to contribute to their passion for hope and continue to share their message that recovery is possible.

Abby, Bachelor of Health Sciences, Queen's University

•         •         •

"When I was in the depths of my eating disorder, I couldn't imagine a life with meaning. Who I thought I was and what was important to me was blurred with the identity of my sick self. When I finally made the decision to choose recovery, I attended the Looking Glass Residence and I was able to see the possibilities and joys of life. Not only was the Deaf community a source of support through my recovery journey, but it was a growing passion of mine to learn how I could be a part of accessibility and advocacy with the Deaf community. It is, to say the very least, hard to put into words what pursuing a career in sign language interpretation means to me. What I can say is that much like recovery, the journey of allyship with the Deaf community doesn't end at an exact point, it is a lifelong journey of learning, growing, patience, honesty and most importantly, self care. Knowing I have the support of the Looking Glass Foundation while I pursue my dreams is something I am both privileged to have and grateful to receive."

Leah, Sign Language Interpretation Program, Douglas College

•         •         •

"I am very thankful to have received this scholarship, it will allow me to use these funds toward furthering my education and attending UBC this fall. I am proud of myself to have overcome my eating disorder and am now able to use this experience as a significant part of my personal history and let it shape me into discovering my passions for health and wellness. I hope to help people in the fields of health and exercise science within my future and to continue to work on self growth and personal wellness as well. Thank you, the Looking Glass Foundation, for giving me a platform to tell my story and provide opportunities for me and other individuals to create the futures we aspire to have and see that there is so much life to live after recovery."

Madison, Health and Exercise Sciences, University of British Columbia

•         •         •

"To receive this scholarship is life-changing. I’ve recently struggled to make ends meet, while still making time for myself, but having this money now allows me to prioritize my well-being more, which makes all the difference. I am so thankful for the people that make these opportunities happen, as it means the world to people like me. Recovery is a journey and having support whether that be financial or good mental health care, is a huge relief, and helps so much with the healing. Opportunities like these help people feel less alone, and allow us to find community. This scholarship will support me in pursuing my passion for art and spreading awareness and visibility for eating disorders, as well as mental health, neurodiversity, and disability. As I get older, I realize that shame in my diagnosis, and fear of asking for help is debilitating. I hope that I can make a change in the world to promote discourse about taboo topics and become a model for being more open. I’m looking forward to the future and the new optimism I have through receiving support."

Sylvie, Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Alberta 

•         •         •

"Becoming a recipient of the Looking Glass Foundation’s Reflections Scholarship affirms the fact that no one is ever a lost cause. I look forward to using this opportunity to become an example of resilience and hope for those whose ability to see a hopeful future ahead is blurred by adversity. As I work to fulfill my own aspirations, I hope that anyone who is still struggling can hear my story and know that I too have felt trapped in uncertainty and despair. To feel these things is to be human. But know this: it is the courage to face these difficult experiences and emotions – and to persist in pursuit of your aspirations in spite of it all – that will set you free. The depths we have experienced do not dictate the heights that we are all capable of reaching, so long as we’re willing to give it our all."

Taelor, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology Major

•         •         •

"Receiving the Looking Glass Reflections scholarship means everything to me. It's a milestone that measures how far I've come in my recovery journey, a reminder that reaching out for support is always the right decision, and a celebration of my own strength in the face of a brutal illness that no longer controls me. I'm endlessly grateful to the scholarship committee, the Looking Glass Foundation, and everyone who has ever shared their story or recovery journey -- without you, this would not have been possible."

Tina, Political Science, University of British Columbia

•         •         •

Elise Skoglund Bursary Recipient

"My experiences with disordered eating are mirrored by so many young people, and I hope that we continue to acknowledge their hardships, celebrate their successes, and uplift them in their journey towards recovery. My love for reading and learning was something that I lost while at the lowest point of my illness, and regaining this passion has been one of my main incentives for seeking treatment. I am honoured that the Looking Glass Foundation’s decision to support my education is now part of my recovery story. This accomplishment is yet another act of defiance against my eating disorder–I am proving that there is so much more to who I am than the way that my body looks, and I hope that, in some way, I can help others realize the same about themselves."

Elena, Speech Sciences, University of British Columbia

•         •         •

For more information about our Reflections Scholarship program, please click here.

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